whitehathouston.com was designed to give an online presence to a handful of security professionals offering services across the globe, with roots in the Houston, Texas area. Some of us already hold down full time jobs, and provide services on an as-needed basis. Others are full time consultants, but all of us are passionate about technology, new and old.

Most of us are your "jack of all trades" variety of individual, however we do have specialists available for all of your technology needs, from mobile platforms, to mainframes, to standard desktop and server environments, to complete SaaS solutions. If you have concerns about your security needs within existing infrastructure, or are looking to do a migration that requires an expert set of eyes guiding you along the way, we can help. We break, we fix, we document.

Penetration Testing
We have decades of experience between us auditing and attempting to circumvent network defenses. A day may start with a handful of nmap scans, and end with production of custom exploit code. Whether you're looking to tighten down network access controls, firewalls, or if you're deploying a new application and need to see how well it'll hold up when published, if it can be broken, we can break it.
Vulnerability Scanning
All of us are proficient with the use of pre-canned tools such as Nessus or Retina, as well using tools such as Metasploit or even home-brew. In addition to pointing out where everything is broken, we're going to offer patches, patch scheduling, new policy, and everything else you need to ensure your operation remains secure tomorrow and indefinitely.
Cloud Migration
With a disproportionate amount of experience working with SaaS vendors, we specialize in working with customers and vendors to migrate from the hassle and upkeep involved with on-site infrastructure, to hosted and/or managed solutions, whether that entails simply offloading your web or e-mail filtering to a SaaS provider, or crafting secure VPN's and shifting even components like directory services to cloud providers.
Secure VPN
A handful of our users working in areas that may potentially be subject to eavesdropping are provided with IPSec and/or OpenVPN access as needed, leveraging the strongest cryptographic methods available on the market today. Sometimes, staying anonymous can be not only beneficial, but a matter of life and death. In addition to the VPN services we host, we're happy to provide extensive consultation for businesses and individuals seeking the absolute strongest anonymizing and transport encryption services for their own environments.
This is far from an exhaustive list of the services we offer. For even the most esoteric cases, we should be able to either provide services ourselves, or point you in the right direction of a company or consultant that's fully equipped to handle whatever needs your company might have. We're just as happy to offer advice gratis, as we are to come in and physically do work ourselves.