Overlay Packages Status Updated Description
Arch Ports 1 Dead 2010-Oct-13 Packages ported from Arch Linux. Attempt to port mkinitcpio from Arch to Gentoo. Fails due to mkinitcpio's "hooks" relying on completely separate Arch packages not packaged the same way under Gentoo. Feel free to pick it up and run with it.
Cyrus IMAP 1 Working 2013-Jan-06 Cyrus IMAP ebuilds patched to include support for external autocreate and autosieve functionality. Versions 2.3.14,2.3.16,2.4.8, and 2.4.12
Nvidia 1 Working 2010-Oct-16 Gentoo ebuild for the nvidia-drivers (binary nvidia driver) package, plus patch to include support for the rt-sources kernel patchset
Prey 1 Deprecated 2011-Oct-02 Installation package for Prey Anti-Theft software, plus patch to use standard Gentoo configuration paths. See the Prey Project Homepage for more information. An ebuild for prey is now in portage, and this one will no longer be maintained